Ceilidh-Tripping the write fantastic


Eh, reviews and stuff. Probably. 




I have a deep and abiding love of the Bills-Shakespeare, Faulkner, Wordsworth, Blake...whatnot. I also adore a good page turner. When I read I want to be completely immersed in the work. I want to see it play out in my head like a movie. I want my husband to have to stand over me and say my name over and over before I hear him because I'm so focused on the book in my hands. So, if you can make that happen, awesome, thanks ever so much!

My ratings look a little like this:
5 Stars: Perfection. Just wonderful, I started rereading it the second I finished the last page. Doesn't mean it's the Great American Novel or anything, but I was enchanted (see above, re: full body literature immersion). I rarely give 5 stars.

4.5 Stars: AWE.some. Truly. This category will get more play, since I can't usually bring myself to do a 5 star unless it's perfect. This is for those books that I absolutely adore, but feel a little weird giving a "perfect score." (I probably need to lighten up, but eh)
4 Stars: Really good. Really, really good. I loved it, but didn't feel like I could give it 5 stars. Most likely because there was some little thing that tweaked me.

3.5: (Well now, these 1/2 stars are pretty cool) Lots of fun. I enjoyed reading it, but it wasn't mind blowing.
3 Stars:  This is kind of my catchall rating category. It's usually something like this-couldn't put the book down because the plot drove me on, but the writing was weak. The inverse is an option too.
2 Stars: It was ok. I might go on if it's a series, I might not. I didn't really enjoy it. I probably had issues with writing style, characters and plot, rather than just one. It's also possible it just wasn't my style of book.
1 Star: Hated it. Felt cheap or angry after reading it. Poorly written, poorly constructed, went against my sensibilities, hugely offensive in some manner and/or couldn't finish because it made me want to throw the book out the window of a moving train.

All of this is to say: It's subjective. There are books I think are the finest things that others probably hate with the fire of a thousand suns. That's ok. It really is. Promise. The thing is, I can be as much of a snot as the next girl about what I read and what I see other people reading-but sometimes, you just want a good story and that is awesome.