Ella Enchanted-Master Post

Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine, Eden Riegel

Update October 10 100%



Well, that was fun! Now, of course, I'm jonesing for more of this. I think, in part, that may be because it feels like so much of what I've read recently has been so fraught, so aaaaaangsty. Which, you know, is fine, but I didn't realize how much I needed something fluffy and fun, but that still had good substance to it. I'll do a review, I think, but first I need to catch up on my 30 Day Book Challenge.


Question for all who happen to see this:Anyone recommend Gail Carson Levine's other books? I can't tell if I'll just be disappointed since this was so great or if they're worth checking out. Any advice is appreciated!



Update: October 8 67%

So I really love fairy tales, like I really, really love them, so imagine my surprise when I realized that I've somehow missed reading Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine  all these years. Shame on me!


Well, I'm now rectifying that mistake and I'm enjoying it ever so much. This book is really fun, so far. I like that Ella is accomplished and independent, but not perfect. The world of Frell and it's environs is detailed and interesting and helps enrich the story. The only complaint I'd raise at this point is the Ogre/Giant/other languages, that in print all look kinda made up and the same, what do I mean?

".iqkwo pwach brzzay ufedjeE"-Gnomic "Until we dig again"

"oaaHHG gieinvg!"-Ogrese for "Much eating!"


"Aiiieee ooo (howl) bek aaau!"-Abdegi "I miss you already!"

"Porr ol pess waddo"-Elfian "Walk in the shade"


Having these different "languages" is a great way to enrich the story, but these just look like she typed out nonsense with no rhyme or reason, so it's jarring to me. Wanna know how I know that? Well, 3 of the above are direct quotes from the book, one I totally made up by closing my eyes and hitting random keys-which one is it???  Needless to say, that's a nitpick, but it does yank me out of the story every time.