30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Atlas Shrugged - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand

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Day 8: Most overrated book


What to do, what to do...



Ok, I think I've got it, this might piss off some folks, but that seems to be the plan for today's challenge, no?


This one. Ooh, this one.


Dear college freshmen,

If you could equate everyday objects to various works of literature, for example:

A Hoover vacuum = 50 Shades of Grey (it both sucks and blows). The correlation here would be, Douchebag = Atlas Shrugged.




This book is every entitled philosophy/business major's go to guide. This book is shorthand for "I may be majoring in $$MONEY$$, but it's not because I'm a greedy consumer, it's my philosophy" This book's raison d'être is to teach you how to be a selfish and disgusting human being. Yay?


I'll be honest, everything in this book is anathema to me. The fact that it's becoming the "bible" for the "new conservative movement" here in the US only solidifies my distaste for it, Paul Ryan can suck it. ("The NEW Conservatism: it's just like racism without the nasty stigma!")


As to why it's overrated? Well, it's preachy, overly long and rambling, so, so full of its own self importance that it nearly collapses any table upon which it sits.