30 Day Book Challenge: Day 10-right on time!

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Day 10: A book that reminds you of home


Wow, this one's a tough one. I've been rolling it around in my mind and trying to think about what that means to me. So, there are a few books out there that remind me of home, by virtue of their setting (it might be geographically placed in my home) or their subject (it might deal with issues or situations that are unique to my home), but that feels like a cop out at little. I think I might think of this in terms of which books give me that home feeling. You know, the I belong, I'm warm and safe, nothing can "get me" here kind of home feeling.


If I use that criteria there really is only 1 thing that works.



My mom gave me her edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales that she had as a little girl. I tried to find the exact edition online, but I believe the one I have is long out of print. The edition that I have is illustrated, with a hard, cloth cover in a, now faded, burgundy fabric. There's a beautiful, color illustration inset into the cover, from The Fisherman and His Wife, and small illustrations throughout.


It has all the classics in it, Cinderella, The 12 Dancing Princesses (a favorite), Little Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin. It also had the lesser known ones, which were the ones that captivated me, Jorinda and Joringel, The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage, The Six Swans and The White Snake. My mom would read these to me, nightly, when I was little and then, when I was old enough, I would read it on my own. 


I would start at the beginning (that's The Frog King, or Iron Henry) and read them all straight through to the end (that's The Golden Key). I would then close the book, flip back to the front and start all over again. The Frog King, or Iron Henry, Cat and Mouse in Partnership, Our Lady's Child...


This book now sits on my bookshelf in the home I share with my husband. I still pull it out just to "visit" with it from time to time, to pass my hands over the pages and pictures, to remember the stories that so affected me and to think about the innocence, safety and security of a childhood spent in my parent's home.


That's my book-home, and now I think I'll go call my mother *sniff*