Master Post: Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

UPDATE Oct 23, 2013

Reading Progress: 100%

Well, that happened. I finished this last night, frantically as I waited for a friend to pick me up so we could go to dinner (Gunshow, yum.). I'm still, the morning after, not to certain how I feel. I think there is an element of hype that might have set me up for, not letdown exactly, but I had a higher O.M.G!!! expectation than I think Gone Girl delivered in the end. It was still crack, but I read it so late and the hype was so prevalent that it is hard to know if it's me or Gone Girl. I'll explain more in my review, to come.


UPDATE Oct 22, 2013

Reading Progress: 78%

Work is seriously interfering with my ability to read this, I'm not sure why that's ok. I mean, come ON, I've only got 22% left to go, you know some of that is acknowledgements and other notes, so seriously, give me 20 minutes, I'll knock it out. What? I have a meeting I'm supposed to attend. Wait, lead?? Crap. I'll be right there. Sigh.


Oct 21, 2013

Reading Progress: 58%


So I started this over the weekend, 'cause everyone and their mother has read it (it seems like) and I hate being the Dickensian child, on the outside looking in. So far, I don't even know.


I know I can't write too much about it, 'cause of the big suspense-y spoilers, but I also know that everyone and their mother has read it (it seems like), so that's a weird place to be.


Thoughts so far:

  • Nick and Amy make my skin crawl
  • It's completely addictive, but I kinda don't want to read it at the same time
  • It's like looking at a car crash, you don't want to, you really don't want to see anything, but you can't stop looking
  • I don't like having any of these characters in my head
  • I love my husband


P.S. I haven't abandoned my 30 Day Book Challenge, but I was out of town and it all got ca-flooey, so we'll pick it back up tomorrow I hope.