And we're OFF!

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

So, what I've heard/read about this book:


"You should read it, definitely read it, OMG* totally read it..but DON'T read any reviews or the blurb or the spine or look at it too closely or even let it know you were wondering about the general plot. If it knows you're wondering about the plot EVERYTHING will fall apart!!!!!!!"** 


So, I'm reading it now, fresh as the virgin snow...or something like that.


I do have to say, if it all falls apart if I know more about the story, well, how good of a book is it? You know? (Ok, I might just be being a contrarian there--who're we kidding, I'm totally being a contrarian, but thems the breaks--and yes, I hate being spoiled***as much as the next person who hates being spoiled, but folks need to simmer down a little on this.) Deep breath y'all. It'll be ok, promise.


*Ugh, I cannot believe I just typed "OMG." Shoot me.

**I might be exaggerating. Might.

***Holy crap is it like The Crying Game?!?!? It's totally like 6th Sense, amirit? Gone Girl all the way, like completely Dangerous Girls....what??