Reading progress update: I've read 49%.

A Northern Light - Jennifer Donnelly

I'm really loving this, not just the story (though it's well formed and nary an info dump in sight), not just the writing (though Jennifer Donnelly has a gift with words), not just the characters (though they are all so well drawn that even without physical descriptions I swear I can see them all exactly as the author must), but also the structure, the back and forth that normally might feel like a gimmick, is done so naturally and beautifully. It draws out the tension and the mystery so well that while I'm eager to know what happens I feel no need to rush. That is a sign of a beautifully crafted book for me. Usually when I'm intrigued or curious or just "wanna know NOW" I race through books reading every 5th word until I can find out what happened. This is so beautifully done that I just want to revel in it.


I had no idea what to expect from this and I can honestly say it has fully exceeded any and all expectations I may or may not have had. This book is a jewel and I'm in love.